Securing the Border – Political Nonsense

In the midst of the humanitarian crisis on the Southern Border, which is no laughing matter, there is once again reason to chuckle over the nonsense coming from America’s finest congressional leaders in Washington. As is typical in any immigration debate, members of Congress continue to call for our country to “secure the border”  before any meaningful changes to our country’s severely broken immigration system can be implemented. Yet, one has to wonder what is meant by “securing” the border. Case in point, by all reports every child and adult who crossed the border during the recent surge of immigrants from South America have been caught and detained by Customs and Border Protection. If that is in fact the case, what is there to secure? How can America further secure a border crossing where everyone who tries to enter the country is apprehended? That seems like a pretty secure border to me, but what do I know? I suppose we could build and monitor electrical fences at the cost of billions of dollars, but will that really change things? Is that what we need on our borders to secure us from woman and children who are fleeing horrendous living conditions in their home countries? Politicians need to stop ignoring the real problem with our borders which is we have a broken immigration system that encourages desperate people to seek illegal entry to this country because they have a miserable life and have no hope to enter the land of opportunity legally. People wanting to come to America to seek freedom, safety, and a good job is not a problem with our country, it’s a compliment to our way of life. But, spending millions of tax payer dollars to secure an already secure border is not a solution from Congress. Our leaders in Washington would be well advised to put aside partisanship and fix our immigration system once and for all. Talk about securing our border is just more of the same useless political rhetoric we have become so accustomed to.