The Lunatics are Running the Asylum – House of Representatives Out of Control Over Immigration

Will the nonsense ever end? Instead of working on legislation to move America forward the House of Representatives passed a bill that ties funding for the Department of Homeland Security to anti-immigrant policies. The bill passed 236 to 191. The House added amendments to the bill that would do away with the DACA program that would keep DREAMers from being deported as well as get rid of President Obama’s executive actions to recognize and keep from being deported millions of hard-working, law-abiding immigrants. Republican response to the bill is primarily focused on the argument that the President’s process to take executive action is unconstitutional. Never mind the fact that on this particular issue the President is right.

As Americans one has to wonder if the House’s failure to legislate and pass laws to fix serious problems with our immigration system is also unconstitutional. Rather than waste time passing bills that have no hope of enactment, House members would be well advised to pass legislation to deal with the problem. Unfortunately, they can’t see the light through the forest. Ultimately, the deport-them-all strategy will backfire. The Senate was able to pass bipartisan reform a year and a half ago, but all the House has managed to do is act to deport immigrants. Stay focused on the talking heads in Washington as they continue to harp on “process” rather than substance. In the end the President’s executive orders will prevail. Once can only hope that someday members of Congress will wake up and actually pass some legislation rather than spend all their time talking about issues they are dead wrong about.