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Immigration Courts overwhelmed, but Congress isn’t listening

An article in the Boston Globe on December 23rd confirms the horrendous state of affairs in the Immigration Courts. The article explains that Immigration Courts are currently overwhelmed with case loads. If Judges retire when eligible, the situation will get much worse, yet Congress continues to ignore the situation. See link to article below.

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Government Shutdown Causing Choas in Immigration Courts

Immigration courts are a vital part of the American legal system and perform an essential role in enforcement and adjudication of real life legal issues. Unfortunately, the government shutdown has caused further backlogs in our already back-logged immigration system. Immigration Courts around the country have constantly struggled with backlogs and pressure from Congress to conduct hearings with scarce resources. Add to that the government shutdown and immigration courts around the country now have to revive cancelled hearings and re-generate schedules just to manage the surging backlog created by the two week shutdown.  Since returning to work after the shutdown, personnel around the country in immigration courts have been forced to manage this new surge of cancelled hearings added to the already overburdened court calendars with a complete lack of human resources and lack of government funding. Congress has shown no real interest in this problem for years and if you think the folks in DC will act anytime soon to rectify the problem, you haven’t been involved in the immigration crisis.   

Regardless of how anyone feels about the overall problem with our broken immigration system, one thing is clear, Immigration Courts perform a vital role in our legal system and leaving these courts unattended has thrown a already overburdened system into total chaos. Without the proper resources the Immigration courts cannot continue to function. The question is when will Congress ever wake up and deal with the problem. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is, most likely, not any time soon.

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Immigration Prosecutions at All-Time High

The Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) tracks immigration cases. According to the latest available data from the Justice Department during FY 2013 immigration prosecutions reached an all-time high, with new cases being filed against 97,384 defendants. This number is up 5.9 percent over the past fiscal year, and up 22.6 percent over the past five years, according to the case-by-case information analyzed by TRAC  and obtained from the Executive Office for United States Attorneys under the Freedom of Information Act. Prosecutions for illegal entry under 8 USC 1325 increased 12 percent from FY 2012, while those for illegal re-entry under 8 USC 1326 rose only slightly. On the other hand, illegal entry prosecutions are up only 8.4 percent since the last year of the Bush administration, whereas those for illegal re-entry have risen 76.2 percent since Obama took office. You can review more details, including a twenty-year timeline of prosecutions under both these statutes, in the report at:

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